The Difference of Regular Dream and Astral Projection


To experience an unusual travel that you have never thought that could be possible like Astral Projection or also known as OOBE is such an incredible adventure in the world of higher realms or dimensions. The perfect key to project your own astral plane is through deep relaxation while you are consciously awake.

Astral projection has a similarity to our regular dream. It is because in our dream we can see different and uncommon places, people, events, etc. The only difference is that you are completely unconscious or in deep sleep while seeing those fantasies, whereas in Astral Projection you can go whenever and wherever you want to go while your mind is aware or awake. Usually, when we wake up from our deep sleep, we can’t remember the entire story and experience in our dream. But in Astral Projection or Astral Travel you can able to remember all the details of your adventure because your mind is completely aware about the happening of your travel.

Regular dream is very common experience to every person around the world. It is because every time we go to sleep, we automatically and uncontrollably dream various scenarios. However, we can’t pick the place, event or adventure that we want to experience in our regular dream. This is why many people are quite interested in travelling in the astral plane in order to reach and see extraordinary places in the higher realms. But there are also lots of people who are not yet convinced in the power of Astral Project. For them, they think that it is only a waste of time to believe or practice this type of method.

If you want to make your own verdict about Astral Projection, you can do the right procedure on how to activate this technique so you can compare and have the final say about the difference regular dream and Astral Projection. Once you have accomplished your goal, you can testify and share your own experience to those people who also seek the right answer or truth about the Astral World.

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